6 Criteria to Choose the Best Salesforce Consultant for Your Company

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AppExchange is the most trusted Salesforce marketplace with more than 7000 apps and Salesforce-certified organisations to help extend Customer 360. After a project is accomplished, a current customer can write reviews to help future customers understand the experience with the partner. The AppExchange listing for a Consultant/Consulting Company also provides useful information, such as the number of projects accomplished by them, the number of certified experts, and years in operation.

2. They have an excellent record of accomplishment of Salesforce Implementation

Actions speak louder than words and so the outcomes a partner has delivered to their existing clients speak louder than impressive sales pitches or fancy business proposals. As mentioned above, the Salesforce AppExchange site is helpful in giving you insights into the quantity and quality of a consultant’s past projects. Besides, case studies, customer success stories or demos can give a deeper understanding of the solutions that have been implemented so that you can see whether they can apply to your company’s situation.




3. Their team members are experts qualified in Salesforce

The Salesforce ecosystem offers continuous learning and growing opportunities for its users via its online learning platform called Trailhead. Besides Trailhead, Salesforce professionals can prove their expertise in particular areas by getting Salesforce certifications. A Salesforce Consultancy that pays attention to getting their employees certified also proves that they focus on understanding the ins and outs

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