A General Look at Alchemy Part 3

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gods. The stone is a prime requisite in Alchemy and Hermeticism, without it the state of regeneration and resurrection are not attained.




Legends of mystical stones are to be found in various cultures; for instance, taoists refer their stone as the “Stone of Wisdom.” The Burmese called theirs “the Stone of Live Metal.”Muslims venerate a stone that lies reposed in the kaaba. This stone is said to be a fragment of a meteorite. It is traditionally believed to be white in hue but because of the sins of men, it turned black. There is a stone called “Cintamani” said to be a state jewel of the mystical and mythical city of Shamballa. Shamballa is believed to exist in the etheric plane above the Gobi desert. Esoterically speaking, “Cintamani,” or the “love-jewel,” represents the perfect expression of the anahata, or heart chakra, the enlightened mind, or bodicitta. When a seeker is told to acquire Cintamani, the unfoldment of the heart chakra is meant. This has its parallel with the Grail Quest in that, microcosmically speaking, a spiritual principle within man is the object of the search. This is further supported by the tradition that King Solomon’s temple was built without the sound of tools. A certain stone called “shamir” was used to fashion the Temple. Esoterists know

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