A.S.A Piano Review – Best Guide to Play Piano Music

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1. Write CDEFGAB,Guest Posting what they are called of the seven white keys, on the sheet of paper. Look for a set of two black keys over three white keys in the center from the piano. Press the white key to the left of these two black keys; it is C or Middle C. It divides the keys into right and left parts. Find and play every C key about the piano.


2. Draw a plan on a sheet of paper from the right hand (R), which plays the melody, and left hand (L) plays the bass. Label each finger 1 to 5, beginning with the thumb. Flex each finger while you say its number. Use the best hand to play keys to right of Middle C. Use the left hand to play keys left from it.

3. Put R1 on Middle C. Put R2 through R5 on the 4 white keys beside, DEFG. Put L5 on any C key below Middle C. Put L1 through L4 about the 4 white keys beside, DEFG. Play each note by the finger number. Make reference to the hyperlink in the Resource Section for an easy melody to play with the right hand.

4. Draw five lines of horizontal type, a treble staff

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