Bearing Fair & Exhibition City is Coming Soon

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An important forum which concentrated on the bearing industry was held in Linqing, Shandong, China on May, 27th. There were about four hundred mangers and experts from different provinces joining this forum to discuss the development of the bearing industry. In order to form an international and modern bearing market, Linqing city plans to build a Bearing Fair & Exhibition City which will cover a total area of four hundred thousand square meters. The total investment is about 0.58 billion RMB. This city intends to complete this project in 3 years.

A government leader of Linqing city states that the bearing industry has a 50-year long history in Linqing and has formed a bearing industry complex. Due to its well-developed bearing industry, The city is named “City of Bearing”. There are over 100 bearing companies doing foreign trade with America, Germany, and Japan, etc. Bearing products are well accepted be many foreign countries.

Among all the towns, Yandian is a very important bearing center in Linqing. In order to perfect the bearing market in Yandian,This city invested about 64 million RMB to upgrade the system and built a bearing trade and logistics service platform in Yandian last year. Yandian bearing market is one of top ten industrial trading markets of Shandon

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