Best Electronic/Dance Album GRAMMY excites electro-pop composers and performers around the world!

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innovators as BT, the Crystal Method, Paul Oakenfold and Deepsky, to compete against similar artists instead of having to fit into other musical categories – a report by The G-Man.

Until very recently, the aural excitement of a BT album like “Emotional Technology,” a Crystal Method album such as “Legion of Boom,” or a Paul Oakenfold album like “Creamfields” could get overlooked in the GRAMMY balloting.

In fact, you can find spine-tingling electronic pop and dance music being made in all parts of the world that might easily miss out on a chance to have the kind of high-intensity spotlight that results from a GRAMMY nomination.

But this year, the National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences (NARAS), the organization that controls the GRAMMY Awards, has changed everything for electronic artists with the introduction of the “Best Electronic/Dance Album” category.

“This is an exciting event for everyone in the world of electronic and dance-oriented music,” stated producer/mixer Carmen Rizzo, who is a NARAS Los Angeles Chapter Trustee. “It is fitting that such a vital form of music receives some of the recognition it deserves.” Appearing at a pre-concert party to officially announce the category, Rizzo added, “As someone involved in the creation of this music as well as a listener, I feel this is a giant leap forward.”

The attraction of music with a technological slant crosses many boundaries.

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