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for a peaceful vacation. The beauty of the archipelago of 572 islands is undeniable. There are adventurous sports, water activities, activities for nature lovers and sightseeing tours of Andaman that one can choose. Individual island trips can be taken on the major islands of Havelock Island, Neil Island, Port Blair, and Ross & Smith Island. There is so much to see – National Memorial, Samudrika Marine Museum and Rajiv Gandhi Watersport Complex in Port Blair, Radhanagar and Elephant Beach on Havelock Island, Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park; Active volcano on Barren Island, Chidiya Tapu, and limestone caves of Baratang, but some of the many places to visit in Andaman.

Read on and make the memories of a life with these amazing experiences in Andaman Islands:

Komodo Island diving
Scuba diving in Komodo
Scuba diving Komodo
diving Komodo
Komodo Island Scuba diving
Scuba diving Komodo Island

Light & Sound Show at Cellular Jail

Cellular prison in Port Blair is a must-visit and most popular tourist attraction. The former Kaala Paani prison prides itself on India’s freedom struggle. Many stalwart were locked in here. The prison, completed in 1906, acquired the name “Cellular” because it consists entirely of individual cells for lonely delivery. This colossal building has seen the most tragic inhuman atrocities, which were carried by the convicted, mostly freedom fighters. The day draws a soft close to the Light and Sound Show, which will probably be the b

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