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The report is up to around 7598 which specifically is above the models which generally sports the Samsung 4210 processor chip. The particular feature is going to be less than the Asus TF201 which will be Quad-Core product. This specific superior rank will probably be related to the superior frequency of the tablet pc. GPU examinationThe same as the AML8726-MX, the GPU of the Cube U30GT Pea is most likely the Mali-400. What is undoubtedly the actual makes the diverse is that AMLogic will be dual core though Cube

which usually guarantees the flash are usually shown on ordinarily in your tablet pc without any extra up-date of install. The products which comes using the Adobe Flash may be quite fast on internet site loading and rendering. The actual functioning over the online world will be sensitive and rapid. The GPU acceleration works properly over the tablet pc. Cube U30GT Pea also works with UA option. The normal is definitely Android os Flash mode that may be adjusted to iPad (HTML5). The online video rendering on the Cube U30GT Pea is incredible quite possibly regarding the High-definition videos. You will find seldom stuck over the tablet computer while enjoying the videos.3D games effectsThe GPU of ARM Mali-400 carries a great overall performance in 3D graphic and 3D games processing. From the test of MMOgame, Cube U30GT Pea makes a powerful functionality inside compatible these products. In addition most of these video games, Cube U30GT Pea are capable of supporting a lot more online games. From the evaluate you can easlily know that there isn’t any positive change between RK3066 and AML8726-MX.

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