Comparison of Electric and Acoustic Guitar Pickups

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As you would probably know, there are many types of musical instruments in today’s market. We could say the exact same thing for the multitude type of guitar styles and variations. From their shape and color, to their pickup configuration, to the thickness of its strings and body materials. Their variety can be somewhat overwhelming and intimidating to the naked eye.

One of the easiest indicators to differentiate an electric guitar from an acoustic guitar has to do with the type of amplification used in each system.

Electric guitars use a magnetic pickup that acts as a transducer, by capturing the vibrations of the string, to later convert it into an electrical signal that can be amplified and recorded into tape and digital.

Magnetic pickups requires a permanent magnet to function. This magnet should be wrapped with a fine coil of enameled copper wire. The secret resides in the few thousand turns of enameled copper wire that would later allow the string to vibrate in front of pickup thus producing the sound notes for an electric guitar we all know and recognized.

There are several ways for recording an electric guitar. The most commonly used one is done by micing the guitar’s amplifier directly into a pre-amp or recording station. Some other techniques include the simulation of electric amplifier by computer software.

The original acoustic guitar did not include its

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