Creating a Themed Room For the Football Enthusiast

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If your little boy is obsessed with football, then a surprise room makeover might be the perfect gift for him. You can decorate your child’s room into a football fantasy world with a little creativity and a few simple design tricks. Follow these easy tips to make your son’s football themed room a reality.

First, choose a great paint color to instantly transform the room. You could design your color scheme around several options. If your child loves a particular football team, you could paint the walls in that team’s colors. But if your kid just loves the game of football, you could take a different creative approach. Try painting the bottom half of the walls in a turf green to look like the football field. Then paint the upper half bright blue to look like the sky. If you’re really creative, you could add clouds to the sky and lines marking yardage on the turf.

If you know a great artist, you could have a life sized picture of your child’s favorite player added to the walls. You could also paint goal posts on opposite walls to complete the look of a football field. Another great option is to paint the walls to look like a stadium full of people. Then your son can pretend he is scoring the winning touchdown as millions of people cheer him on from the stands.

Next, select bedding that your child will enjoy. You could select a solid color or reversible comforter. Many football teams offer customized bedding which would coordinate nicely with the painted walls. Look for coordinating curtains to match the bedding.

Install some shelves to display your son’s trophies and other sports memorabilia. You could even get him started with a new collection of miniature NFL helmets or autographed photos of famous players. Make sure you give his treasures a prominent place for display.

Every little boy needs a good area rug in his room. When your son begins to tackle his fri

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