Ditch The Pressure Cooker, Switch To Pure Clay Pressure Pots For Healthy Cooking

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beans, lentils, meats, and vegetables that may need a lot of time to cook in a regular cookware. It typically consists of a metal pot made of Aluminum or Stainless Steel and has several other parts to it:


  1. A metal pot handle covered with either rubber or silicone
  2. A lid and its handle with a locking mechanism
  3. Gasket or a rubber sealing ring
  4. Steam vent and release valves


While cooking, an excessive steam pressure is built up inside the pot that forces food to cook with a lot of heat and thereby reducing cooking time. The excess steam is constantly released through a vent in the lid. At first glance, nothing seems wrong with the way it works but if we dig deeper, we can find what actually goes on with food when it is cooked in a pressure cooker.



First of all, the pot is made of metal. At cooking temperature, it breaks into ions that react with food (a biochemical entity) and make it toxic. These toxins are then assimilated with food and accumulate in organs, tissue and blood vessels, over time, causing illness in the body. Minor illnesses, allergies, and many chronic diseases become common when you continue to follow this unhealthy way of cooking.

Secondly, the harsh heat radiating from its walls and the extremely damaging steam pressure dissolves (destroys) the delicate nutrients in food and leaves it nutritionally depleted. Also, before you open the lid, steam has to be released by opening the vent first and water-soluble nutrients are lost with it. What’s left is smashed and mushy food that tastes quite bland.

Pure Clay Pressure Pots

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