Importance of Soldatenlieder in the Second World War

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which were composed with the German military in mind. During the Second World War when Hitler decided to send a battalion of troops to the African countries of Libya and Tunisia, he labeled them aptly as Afrika Korps. Although their commander moved on, this wing of the German army survived till the end almost the end of the war when it had to surrender to the Allied Forces in May 1943. Having spent a lot of time in distant lands, the soldiers were

During that phase in the first half of the 20th century, CDs’ had not yet been discovered and hence the only source of Soldatenlieder for the soldiers was the radio. This genre comprised of various types of music like German military songs, German soldier songs, German band music and marching music. Since much of it was directed by the Third Reich it proclaimed the greatness of Germany and infused a sense of patriotism amongst its soldiers. But the Afrika Korps had other choices as well, namely the song ‘Lili Marleen’ sung by Lale Andersen and the tracks performed by Zarah Leander, the great and well loved Ufa performer.

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