Old School Games For Mac

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Games are an integral part of one’s childhood and it is often very difficult for some of the grown-ups to forget the games that they grew up with. Despite the huge number of new and advanced games, many are still hooked to at least few of the old games. The very first game to be included in Mac was a desk accessory called Puzzle and this game stayed with Mac for almost 10 years till it got replaced by a jigsaw puzzle. The initial games supported on Mac machines included the Dark Castle (1986), Microsoft Flight Simulator (1986) and the very famous SimCity (1998). Apart from the game Myst, almost all other games were developed alongside other operating systems. An exhaustive list of Mac games is available at wikipedia.






Dark Castle

Dark Castle was published for the Mac by Silicon Beach Software and for other platforms by Three-Sixty Pacific. The protagonist of Dark Castle is a young man named Duncan who needs to doge objects and solve puzzles while reaching for the evil Black Knight. Duncan is capable of running, jumping and ducking to make his journey to the Black Knight. He also has access to a limited set of rocks which he can hurl at his enemies. Additional rocks and elixir are also found along the path. The game has 14 levels coming out of 4 doors of Greta Hall. The Left most doors leads to three Troubles, the Farther away door on the left side leads Duncan to three Fireballs, the Middle Door leads him to three Black Knights and the Right door leads to the three shields which Duncan will require to dethrone the Black Knight. The game received positive reviews and was given a rating o

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