Pamper Your Hands With A Manicure

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If you have never had a manicure in Ft. Collins CO,Pamper Your Hands With A Manicure Articles you are in for a real treat.  A manicure is different from getting acrylic nails or gel nails applied.  It is meant to be a relaxing spa treatment that pampers and beautifies your entire hand and nails.

It’s important to find a nail salon that knows how important taking care of your nails is. They should have a clean, sanitized work area with sanitized tools.  Some nail salons lack cleanliness and people can easily pick up nail fungus.  Make sure you go to someone who is experienced and clean.  You can research different salons online to find one that is highly rated. It also helps to ask your friends and family if they recommend a good nail technician or salon.

When you arrive at your appointment, the manicure in Ft. Collins CO will start out with a cleansing of the hands and removal of old polish or paint.  The hands may also be sanitized.  For the next part of the manicure, your nails will be trimmed, filed and shaped.  Make sure you tell the technician what length and shape you want your nails to be. If your technician is using the right technique, they will start from the outer edge of the nail and file towards the center. The cuticles are pushed back with a soft wooden stick that is flat on the end. After the cuticles have been pushed back, the fingernails are then buffed with a soft polishing board made of foam. This gives the nails a shiny smooth look. To finish the manicure, the technician will apply at least one coat of clear polish or the polish of your choice. Sometimes a nail hardener is applied to strengthen weak or brittle nails.  The manicure is usually finished with a hand massage, wax or lotion application.

It’s important to always take good care of your hands especially if you work with them.  If you are constantly washing your hands or getting them dirty, they can become dry and irritated and the nails can weaken.  Getting regularly manicures in Ft. Collins CO can help with that.  Make sure you use lotion after you wash your hands to keep them soft.  If you notice your nails are brittle and not growing, look at your diet. You may not be getting enough vitamins or nutrients.  Make sure you get plenty of calcium and vitamin D to help keep your nails strong.

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