Radio Controlled Boats – Which Radio Controlled Boat is Right For Me?

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RC Boating is a fun and highly addictive hobby! To the novice, however, it can seem very overwhelming. The key to getting started in this exhilarating sport is discovering what kind of radio controlled boat is right for you. It is my goal to walk you through a few basic types of radio controlled boats and to highlight a few of the best features of

To begin, radio controlled boats (or remote controlled boats) can be broken down based upon size and structure of the craft and also by how the boat is powered. Some of the many categories for size and structure of the boats include: RC model boats, RC tug boats, RC speed boats, RC submarines, etc. You can puRChase scale models of nearly any kind of life-sized boat – including pirate ships and navy rigs. These models range anywhere in size from 5 inches to 4 feet! Choosing a structure depends entirely on your personal aesthetic preferences – except in one aspect – hull design. If you are going to be using this boat in choppy, unruly conditions go for Deep-V or Mono Hull designs. Boaters that are at the intermediate or above levels can use hydroplane and catamaran hulls in smooth waters.

You can power nearly any type of RC boat you want in any of these four ways: electric, nitro, gas, and sail. So, which type of power is best for your personal interest?

Electric radio controlled boats are battery powered and seem to be the easiest for beginners to work with. They are also typically more economical. These boats are intended for short periods of usage as they slow when battery power decreases. Typical battery lifespan depends on the size of the boat and battery pack. Smaller boats can run for up to 45 minutes, while some only last 10-15. Electric RC boats are great for use in areas with noise ordinances. These boats usually have a max speed of around 15-20 mph. In most cases, electric RC boats are sold without battery packs or chargers included, so be sure to keep this in mind when ordering.

Nitro radio controlled boats are most often considered to be a mid-range item. These boats run on mini-tanks of Nitro-Meth

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