SciFi Fish Tank Decorations For Nerds

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I am a nerd and extremely happy with it. I’ve consistently got a thing for science fiction. The appeal of visiting the deep darkness of space and traversing uncharted boarders has consistently had a great influence on my interest for videos and pastimes.

While I have been designing aquariums for businesses of mine to replicate sights from Asia or submerged sunken boats or mermaids in Atlantis,SciFi Fish Tank Decorations For Nerds Articles my personal aquariums are all furnished with space ships and aliens from an alternate universe. It’s quite frankly rather difficult to acquire aquarium decors of space and alien worlds. Truthfully lots of my own accessories are non aquarium accessories that I have properly picked out and prepared to make sure they did not have a harmful influence on my fish. However doing this without suitable know-how along with the ideal preparation can kill the fish.

Within this quick guide, we’ll discuss some of the fish tank decors that are on sale today which can change your aquarium into that nerdy piece of artwork that you’ve always wanted.

UFOs And Aliens

I have found one aquarium decor on sale that I really like and that I possess inside my aquarium. It is of a flying saucer that had crash landed on a miniature hill. The craft is brilliantly colored and detailed and the nice thing of all, it provides a cave that the fish may go into. Apart from this flying saucer, you also have a different one which is more multi-colored and hooks onto the outlet hose of the filtration system in the order that it moves along with the bubbles. The other one I also know of is a more earthly seeming satellite which also moves with the water current.

For aliens, you can find as much as a dozen or so cute looking colorful aliens with different number of forearms, joints and tentacles. This help make a fantastic addition to the theme, particularly when you decide to go for the multicolored space ship.

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