The Yahtzee Game And Its History

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There is that certain level of thrill and excitement that dice games offer that cannot be surpassed by any other game. This is probably the reason why many different types of dice games were designed and invented for everyone to enjoy.

One of the most popular dice games today is Yahtzee. Yahtzee is a classic dice game that is played with five dice. This dice game actually originated from earlier dice games such Generala and Yacht. It is pretty amazing to know that Yahtzee was actually invented accidentally by a young Canadian couple who first played the game, which was then called Yacht, with their friends. This young couple obviously named this dice game Yacht, because this was first played by the couple and some of their friends aboard a yacht. Since the game’s inception in 1954, the rest is just history.

The couples’ friends enjoyed the game so much that they told other people about it, and correspondingly these people told other people as well. Thus, the popularity of the game was translated from one person to the other.

It wasn’t in 1956 though when the game was made available commercially. This was after the famous game entrepreneur Edwin S. Lowe brought the rights of the game from the young Canadian couple for an equivalence of just 1000 gift sets of the game. Although the game did not really hit it off in the market right away, Lowe saw the market potential of the game. As such, Lowe thought of advertising the game to the public by organizing Yahtzee parties, where people could actually play the game and experience it firsthand. This marketing stra

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