Tips on taking care of your car

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We all know that car is one of the things we always need in our daily life. It always helps us in everything we do from business to our personal needs. So we should always take good care of it. So that It wont give any problems and wont cost us much in the future. Here are some of the tips that all of us must do to take good care of our cars.

  1. First of all we should always have to remember to always check our engine,Guest Posting break, fluids, and battery before using our car. We usually ignore these things because of our busy life. And always forget to check out our cars before we leave. I always remember what my father always told me when it comes to car. He said that the engine is one of the important parts of the car. Checking the engine periodically help us see what is going to be a problem and will cost us much in the future. Have a full car engine check up. If you do know something about car engine then you can do it yourself. If you do not, you can hire a car mechanic. If ever try to hire someone who you do trust or someone who have a good reputation when it comes to car engine. Or you can check the car manual for some help. But be careful if you just used the car there are some part of the engine that are still hot so be cautious in checking your car engine. Check the engine oil level you got to see if the oil consumption is rapidly increasing. If so you got to go to a repair shop and have them check it out. Make sure the engine is off when checking the oil level. Then check the transmission fluid read your manual about how to do this or have someone who has an expertise in doing this. Make sure you use the correct transmission fluid for your car. Next is the brake fluid this one is very important cause brake is really needed when driving a car. When the brake pads wear out the brake fluid level will drop slightly. But do not worry this things are normal. If your brake fluid level drops in a short period of time that is the time you got to have your brake check. Always put brake fluid that are approved in your brakes. And always keep it covered when you do not have to fill it. And always make sure that you maintain a very high boiling point on your brake fluid. So do not expose it to air cause this fluid will absorb moisture and that will lower the boiling point. Another thing is the Power Steering fluid. Check the fluid level and it should not change more than the normal range. You have to check it for leaks too. Then check the coolant. This one is very important because this one will really affect the condition of your car. Coolant is the one who help you when your car is overheating. So you got to check it if there is any leak .Then

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