Your Domain Rights Are Being Ripped Off

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Domain Name. Your Domain Name rights are currently
being ripped off by the major Domain Name registration
giants. This rip-off is affecting your Domain rights NOW!

Your Domain Name can become a casualty of the Domain
Name Registrar’s Renewal War.
Reading this article and understanding your Domain Name
rights can prevent you from losing your Domain Name
altogether,Your Domain Rights Are Being Ripped Off! Articles and can at least save you about 50% on your
Domain Name renewal.

This is real and it is scary. As to not mislead you, I am
Tag Powell, CEO of, and I have
been drafted into this battle against my will. and our service is on one side of this war.
We do have a vested interest in this battle’s outcome.

First, let me give you the short background story to get you
up to speed.

Until a couple of years ago ALL Domain Names had
been registered and managed by one company, Network
Solutions. Network Solutions made billions of dollars on
this market for years. All .COM, .ORG, .NET Domains
were held in one master database exclusively under
their control. They, as a monopoly, could charge anything
they desired. Originally they charged per year
(two year minimum). Then after registering millions of
Domains and fielding massive complaints of over-charging,
they graciously reduced the fee

For the first few years, Network Solutions did a good
job, but as the Internet mushroomed the database
problems grew. Hackers entered the database and
caused problems. Domain ownership’s were illegally
changed. Other Domain Names were rerouted to open
to other companies. Domain Name security became a
joke. Trying to get through to Network Solutions was a
nightmare, getting email answered took weeks and
they were often ignored completely, and getting through
by phone took days. We speak from experience as
we have been assisting Domain registrations since
1995. We helped Network Solutions register many
hundreds of thousands Domain Names.

By the way, it still could take hours today to get
a phone answer from Network Solutions.

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